How to Enjoy Camping: Preparation is Key

If you are new to camping, or even if you have some experience, here are our thoughts on two key planning areas to help you make the most of your adventure...

Let's start with the location

You know the kind of area where you'd like to spend time, and probably the activities you want to include. In choosing where to pitch your tent, make sure you do so ahead of time - never be scrambling around last-minute, perhaps when dusk might be falling or the weather is not at its best. If you're looking for an official campsite, make sure it has the key facilities you seek.

If camping away from sites - in the wild if you like - make sure you have a level pitch and easy access to water. Check also that, if you're setting up under trees, there are no decaying branches or even sticky sap, ready to fall. It's also wise not to choose a place where a bunch of rocks appear to have fallen! Be careful of choosing a valley floor - cold air will gather, as well as pesky bugs, and you'll enjoy less sunshine.

Moving on to equipment

Make sure your tent is big enough to accommodate your campers with a little comfort. For example, a two-person tent might be a bit cluttered when you add everything you've brought with you! Do test out your erecting skills and check that you've got all parts of the construction - and everything else you need - before you leave home! Make sure you choose a comfortable and snug sleeping bag, and that any air mattress isn't hiding a leak.

There are many other essentials to take with you. Here are just two from the experts: face wipes are always useful and earplugs are often a blessing!

Just an introduction

The above is only a quick introduction to one part of your effective camping preparations. The key is to talk to the professionals, like our friendly and helpful Elite Campgrounds team. You can ask any question by contacting us below, and browse through our huge range of proven products, offering so many effective camping preparation solutions.

All of this will help you to enjoy camping, the clever way...